Public Health Nutrition

It is a science which helps in promoting the health status of the country by changing the food nutrition system. It focuses on the issue of the dietary needs of the population. Public health nutrition is the science and art of preventing disease, promoting health through the medium of nutrition and thus prolonging life. The objective of public health nutritionists is to achieve greater health and well-being by making healthier food and nutrition-related choices for everyone.
As per World Health Organization, Public health refers to all organized measures including both public and private is to promote health by preventing disease and thus prolonging life among the population as a whole. The aim of such activities is to provide conditions in which people can be healthy and focus not only on individual patients or diseases but on entire populations. Thus, public health deals with the total system and not only the suppression of a particular disease.
•    Nutrition and health
•    Weight-loss planning
•    Food and fitness
•    Protein diet
•    Applied culinary

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