Nutritional Education and Behavioral Science

Nutrition education is the procedure of teaching the discipline of nutrition to a person or group of persons. It includes amalgamation of learning strategies that is accompanied by ecological supports and is designed to support deliberate acceptance of food choices and other food and nutrition-related behaviors that is favorable to human health and well-being. Nutrition Education also emphasize on issues such as food sustainability, food literacy and food security.
Behavioral sciences look at the cognitive processes within human being and also with the behavioral interactions between organisms in the natural surroundings. It involves the methodical analysis and investigation of human and animal behavior through the study of the past, controlled and naturalistic observation of the present, and disciplined scientific experimentation and modeling.
•    Nutrition literacy
•    Bio active Nutrients
•    Nutrition and  Neurotransmitters 
•    Nutrient Biomarkers
•    Biomarkers in Nutrition

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